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Nasser Khan

Saturday, March 18, 2017
Most of us would have danced to the infectious sounds of MX Prime (Edghill Thomas) and his group Ultimate Reject’s (Johann Seaton, Joel Aming and Avaron Vanloo) monster hit Full Extreme for Carnival 2
Sunday, February 19, 2017
Devon Seale first appeared on stage in the calypso area in 1988 at the age of 11 at the National Junior Calypso Competition and the Junior Roving Calypso Tent.
Saturday, February 4, 2017
Even before this, Eustace was no stranger to the royal court as his famous family has been part of the King of Carnival competition since his late father, Tedder Eustace, first won the title in 1975,
Saturday, November 19, 2016
​"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow," said Audrey Hepburn. Whether you have a big backyard, or just enough room to grow some herbs on your balcony, you can still grow food.
Sunday, October 23, 2016
T&T is the “Land of Calypso.” We have heard the often used statement, “By calypso our stories are told,” more so in the month of October which was officially declared “Calypso History Month” in 20
Sunday, October 9, 2016
The Ministry of Education’s announcement to include more local content in the School Nutrition/Feeding Programme is a welcome initiative that will only auger well for the nation’s health and agricultu
Sunday, September 25, 2016
T&T celebrated 40 years as a Republic yesterday.
Sunday, September 18, 2016
Plant Food is the name of one of Abbi Blackman’s calypsoes on her 2014 CD titled Abbi Blackman, 50 Strong.
Sunday, September 11, 2016
“Local food production is not without its own challenges but we must find creative, innovative and attractive methods to get greater local content into the national diet.
Sunday, September 4, 2016
Here in T&T we tend to gravitate towards imported fruits and foods but the Ministry of Education’s recent announcement to include more local content in the School Nutrition/Feeding Programme is in