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Is there any more oil and gas?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

There seems to be something fishy about the future prospects of our natural resources of oil and gas. The indication that first drew my attention to this is the sudden trip by the Prime Minister to the USA apparently seeking to persuade the oil experts to try to find more oil and gas here.

Prior to that he visited Venezuela to draw up and sign some sort of agreement for supplies of gas from that country.

Recently he again mentioned something about the construction of a long pipeline to supply gas from another far distance area near Venezuela.

Prior to all this an expert in the field of these two natural resources predicted way back in 2011 that we will sooner than later suffer from a shortage of gas. And by the looks of it the sudden panic by ministers about the shortage of the supply of gas here, he was right.

This morning there is another article by another politician about our oil and gas industry, stating and how we could look forward to more gas supplies in the next 12 months and about more drilling by the big oil companies to find more oil here.

Now these sudden appearance of different reports surrounding our oil and gas supplies are very suspicious.

Moreover, no one has mentioned the amount of money being paid to the oil moguls for the search for more oil and gas and the laying of another lengthy gas pipeline.

We must also bear in mind that an oil expert has more or less already indicated a few years ago that our oil resources are being depleted at a rapid rate which has been caused by over extraction. The question now remains as to whether we have any more oil or gas left within our off shore boundaries. GA Marques