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‘Not one placard referred to Sachin’

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I note the Prime Ministers scorn and disdain for the protesters at the opening of the PNM’s flagship, the Tarouba Stadium.

He appears confused. So incensed was he, that he seems to not have observed that it was PNM supporters who were against naming a stand at the stadium.

So the racial dotishness really rests in his own camp.

He seemed to have forgotten about the constitutionally guaranteed right to dissent.

He may have scored one or two points, but he will lose so many for being so one-sided. Not one placard referred to Sachin.

Will he be so equally harsh of Minister of Tourism for incurring a bill for $59,000 for, inter alia, roaming charges?

This phone bill has to be one of the latest examples of ministerial dotishness I have seen in a long time.

It is inexcusable and the minister cannot hide behind accessibility and the need to be in touch.

The minister must say what were the pressing issues that required the country to spend this much on being able to reach her.

How many other ministers have this facility?

God bless this nation.


Lystra Marajh