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Dr Rowley is right!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dr Rowley is quite right. In this instance he targeted that particular ethnic group because they set themselves up for that. The usual suspects.

He, however, most likely referring to those who felt the Brian Lara Academy was a “PNM thing.”

Envisioned and commissioned by Mr Manning, how dare they name a section after a “Sachin?”

These are the people who always demonstrate their “racial dotishness.” They never acknowledge it though, as it is always the “dem people,” referring to the other major ethnic group.

A trap which, ironically, Dr Rowley got entangled within.

The time is ripe to start dealing with this festering sore on our national landscape.

A sore no doubt used and encouraged by both major political parties.

It has to be brought into the national discussion or else we may wake up one day and ask, how did we get here?

Dr Rowley is right, it is all really racial dotishness.


George McPherson