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Seek Solutions Rather Than Talk Fluff

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Can someone tell me what is the difference between the Monday Night Forum hosted by former prime minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and the town meeting session entitled “Conversations with the PM” hosted by Dr Keith Rowley?

Well, the Monday Night Forum is one-dimensional where Mrs Persad-Bissessar espoused all her views about the Government. Not one question was entertained from the audience. Rowley’s “Conversations” on the other hand, invites questions, not scripted beforehand, from any member of the audience who are free to criticise the Government on all fronts.

That is an open democracy. Columnists and editorials have criticised Dr Rowley about the economy.

At Point Fortin Secondary Dr Rowley made some startling revelations about the economy. The bottom line is we cannot get more out of less. Government has over 60 thousands on its payroll. At times it is very difficult to meet the monthly commitment of wages and salaries. Despite this people are still saying “nothing is happening”.

A well-known columnist only writes about the gloom and doom of this administration. He is very, very strong on identifying all things that are wrong in this Republic but very, very short on prescribing solutions to our problems. I call him the gloom and doom columnist.
I want him and other editors to find solutions to the following:
• The plethora of gangs in Trinidad;
• The high failure rate of SEA students of 2000-plus. This failure rate has been constant for years since the 1990’s;
• The correct formula to distribute the scarce foreign exchange to manufacturers rather than importers;
• Reduce the crime rate at the white collar level;
• Attract direct foreign investment to ease the forex crunch;
• Suggest ways to make the school curricula relevant to today’s needs;
• Suggest ways to make trade unions leaders, local contractors and others understand that these are harsh economic times where we must, “eat little and live long.” The days of lavish spending are over. You can no longer rip off or make a fast buck on the head of the Government.

In short, we all must understand that we are in this together. If this ship of State sinks we all drown. Let us suggest solutions rather than “talk, talk, talk and fluff, fluff, fluff .”

John Jessamy