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Kaiso Showkase brings Sando Alive

Friday, November 17, 2017
Rapso griot Bro Resistance

Former National Calypso Monarch and current Extempo champion Gypsy (Winston Peters) leads a star studded cast of calypsonians, as Kaiso Showkase, in collaboration with the San Fernando City Corporation, presents yet another classic show—Sando Alive—for the observance of City Week 2017. The show will be held on Sunday at the San Fernando City Hall on Harris Promenade, at 7 pm.

Also expected to grace the stage will be the Rapso pioneer Bro Resistance, and Dimanche Gras finalists Johnny King, Lady Adanna, Karen Eccles, Alana Sinette, Meguella Simon and the controversial Lady Gypsy. They will be joined by Exposer, Hamidullah, Anthony Johnson, Kerice Pascall, Makeda Darius, Nerukhi, Tricia Hamilton, Jonnelle Manwaring, King Harry, Curlissa Charles, Devika, Patricia Smith and several surprise guests.

Sando Alive closes a packed programme of celebration by the southern city and promises to be an expose of some of the 2018 hits in the South calypso hub, fast reclaiming the title “Mecca of Calypso”.

Kaiso Showkase is carded to open its doors on Friday, January 19 at its Carnival home, Palms Club, San Fernando.

Tickets for Sunday’s calypso feast event are just $100 and can be obtained at Tuco South Office, Penitence Street and Seon’s on Royal Road, San Fernando.