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Wild meat reigns at Soca Parang Food Fest

Monday, December 11, 2017

Wild meat trumped music on December 2 when Yorke Inc held its Wild Meat Soca Parang Food Festival at the spacious Nature Resort & Spa in Salybia.

Meat-lovers had more than their fill as they descended on the wide assortment of “bush flesh”, inclusive of deer, tattoo, manicou, wild hog, rabbit and horse.

As is expected and accustomed at Yorke Inc parties, music was also top drawer with disc jockeys Howie T, Sounds of Kabuki and Duane ably supporting reigning Road March champ MX Prime, Marcia Miranda, Scrunter and Baron.

Miranda, the night’s first performer, won the crowd’s favour by vacating the stage and venturing into their midst to perform her popular parang soca hits. Not to be outdone Scrunter did likewise and well into Sunday morning people partied like there was no tomorrow when MX Prime also performed off-stage, surrounded by a throng of adoring fans.

On New Year’s Day 1978, Gerald Yorke held his first fete at his residence on Alfredo Street, Woodbrook.

Back then, guests were required to walk with a bottle of anything alcoholic from their Christmas stock. The tradition continues come rain or shine and, 40 years after, come January 1, Yorke will hold his New Year’s Day Backyard Party in Diego Martin.

Usually a “wash yuh foot and jump in” for some of the best disc jockeys in the land, the 2018 party will be served by DJs Sounds of Kabuki, Howie T, Duane, Dangerous Robin and King International.

Yorke Inc is also having its Fun Seekers Unite Carnival fete on Sunday, January 21, at the University Inn & Conference Centre, UWI, St Augustine. Hosted by JW and Blaze, the music line up for this all-inclusive includes The All Stars, featuring Blaxx; Dile- Nadan, fronted by Raymond Ramnarine; Brass 2 the World, featuring Snakey; Rhapsody NG, featuring a mix of pan and brass; Marzee; and, DJs Sounds of Kabuki, Howie T and Trevlyn.

(Reporting by Peter Ray Blood)