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Ministry investigates school sex videos

Friday, May 19, 2017

Videos currently circulating on social media of students having sex are being investigated.

This was confirmed by Education Minister Anthony Garcia who said the ministry is trying to identify the school and the students involved.

“From the initial investigation we are not clear about the school. We need to find the school and conduct our investigation,” he said.

Garcia added that such behaviour will not be tolerated: “It is totally unacceptable and we will apply any disciplinary measures necessary. In addition we need to have discussion with the parents and engage support for those students.”

One video appears to show two secondary school students having sex in a classroom. It was posted on social media on Wednesday.

Another video of students in school uniforms having sex surfaced yesterday. That video shows other students are seen surrounding the teens and cheering them on.

In an immediate response the Children’s Authority warned that anyone posting pornographic material of children is guilty of an offence and can face up to ten years in jail.