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Prince Zeshan can take first jewel

Monday, April 1, 2013

Over the past 15 years, the first jewel of local racing’s Triple Crown has been controlled by two trainers, John O’Brien and Glenn Mendez. This year, it does not look much different with O’Brien saddling three of the eight runners in the field in the prestigious National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB) Easter Guineas over 1,800 metres on the main track at Santa Rosa Park in Arima today. 


I expect Prince Zeshan to land a “pot of gold” and take the main event. 


Pre-race favourites for the first jewel of the local racing Triple Crown is the Flamingo Stakes winner, Pot of Gold, and the St James Stakes winner, Prince Zeshan, both from the powerful O’Brien stable. 


O’Brien also saddles War of Words. Last year, the Shaffick Khan trained Unquestionable scored an upset victory, but this year it does not look like anyone can upset the applecart. 


Last Wednesday O’Brien sent Pot of Gold (Emile Ramsammy) and Prince Zeshan (Nobel Abrego) to gallop in company over 1,000 metres. The duo recorded the superb time of 1:02 for the trip. Both jockeys were pleased with their charges. 


Pot of Gold is unbeaten and has the scalp of Prince Zeshan after beating that rival on his seasonal debut. The distance of ground should hold no terror to Prince Zeshan and he should win and become Triple Crown bound. He looks fit and well yesterday morning when passing the vet. 


War of Words will be running on, while the Harold Chadee owned and trained Run Ron is expected to go close. 


I expect Abrego to land yet another big race but this one will be at the expense of Ramsammy aboard Pot of Gold which looked the part yesterday morning. 


With total prize money of $315,000 up for grabs in this Grade One contest, I think O’Brien has the strongest hand in the event and can lead in another 1-2-3.




R1: 11.30 AM - CASH POT BUS DE POT EVERY DAY 3 YO & OVER HORSES RATED 100-70- 1200M - $60,000 

651    1    Black Genius    J O’Brien/K Khelawan    50.5    Repeat
233    2    Slippery Sam    D Mosca/N Patrick    53.5    Chance
76D    3    Rewardsinheaven    C Roberts/R Hernandez    55    Returning
131    4    Intact    E Miller/E Ramsammy    55.5    One to catch
364    5    El Bandido De Oro    H Chadee/D Khelawan    57    Speedy
443    6    Officer Ike    L Alexis/P Badrie    48.5    Well weighted
---    7    Crime Of Passion    J O’Brien/B Boodramsing    48.5    Debut
704    8    Blackstone Street    M Maharaj/K Razack    48.5    No form 


R2: 12.10 PM - DONSAI GAME FOR A LIME WI BRED 4 YO & OVER MAIDENS - 1100M (Turf) - $32,000 
067    1    Le Cheraux Dansur    R A Dube/L Lopez    49    Nothing yet
984    2    Royal Banker    Dr J Suratsing/S Samuel    49    Chance
--4    3    Hidden Agenda    L Alexis/R Jadoo    57    Scratched
588    4    Sixth Street    M Maharaj/R Hasranah    50.5    Can surprise
023    5    Rest Assured    C Roberts/R Hernandez    48.5    Ready
---    6    Chelsi Magic    C Roberts/N Flavenney    54.5    Debut
492    7    Casino Host    L Alexis/R Ali    49    Can go close
399    8    Skyzim    J Lyder/F Manrrique    54.5    In tough
257    9    Herald Angel    H Gobin/K Khelawan    46.5    Speedy
958    10    Sparkling Silver    H Chadee/K Razack    42.5    No form
-04    11    Champagne On Ice    H Gobin/J Samuel    56.5    Respected
---    12    Born To Run    W Debysingh/P Badrie    54.5    Debut


R3: 12.50 PM - PICK 2 ALL IN A DAY’S PLAY 3 YO & OVER HORSES RATED 60-45-1600M (Turf) - $40,000 
141    1    Settled    K DeSilva Jr/W Galviz    52.5    Will go close
242    2    Actin Time    C Roberts/K Balgobin    53    In tough
--8    3    Street Justice    H Chadee/S Jadoo    55    Outsider
543    4    Island Star    J O’Brien/P Husbands    55.5    Will be around
134    5    Enigmatic    G Mohammed/P Badrie    53.5    Can take this
444    6    Oro De Cordoba    J Leotaud/E Ramsammy    57    Speedy
231    7    Lookin At Lovely    T Thomas/J Samuel    57    Repeat
713    8    Sam’s Selection    S Ferreira/K Razack    52    Scratched
080    9    Malibu Heights    R A Dube/N Abrego    55    No form


R4: 1.30 PM - PLAY WHE MAKE YOUR MARK TODAY 3 YO & OVER HORSES RATED 45-0 - 1100M (Turf) - $33,000 
340    1    Nothing Left    M Maharaj/R Hernandez    57    One to catch
685    2    Added Time    M Maharaj/K Razack    52.5    Chance
222    3    Zipitup    W Debysingh/P Badrie    51.5    Respected
900    4    Cordell Walker    H Gobin/K Khelawan    57    Outside shot
127    5    Flight On Time    M Maharaj/F Manrrique    57    Can take this
561    6    Martha    L Alexis/R Ali    56.5    Repeat
233    7    Prados Wells    E Miller/E Ramsammy    56    Chance
630    8    Dring Brinks    G Villiers/L Lopez    57    No form
106    9    Danzig’s Day    M Maharaj/N Vargas    49.5    Needs further
721    10    Satya Treasure    T Thomas/J Samuel    56.5    Repeat
963    11    Bonnie    H Chadee/W Galviz    54    Speedy
725    12    Riches Abound    C Roberts/D Butcher    57    In tough
304    13    Star Diamond    F DeFreitas/N Flavenney    57    Outsider


R5: 2.10 PM - SCRATCH MATCH AND WIN 3 YO & OVER HORSES RATED 70-55 - 1350M - $43,000 
314    1    A Great Millennium    M Carew Jnr/B Bood’sing    55    Speedy
532    2    Burst Of Energy    D Mosca/N Patrick    52    Chance
734    3    Frankenstein    D Mosca/P Badrie    53    Running on
756    4    Captive Witness    JW-Samaroo/N Samaroo    53.5    Outsider
389    5    Believe It Or Not    M Maharaj/R Ali    53    Can surprise
426    6    Becquerel    R A Dube/K Khelawan    57    Don’t trust
111    7    Ramblin’ Rose    G Mendez/R Jadoo    57    The winner
325    8    Caro’s Legacy    K DeSilva Jr/E Ramsammy    54.5    Running on
655    9    Golden Flight    M Maharaj/R Hernandez    54    Respected
242    10    Mambo Cat    E Miller/S Rodrigo    54.5    Speedy


939    1    Pearl Secret    G Mendez/D Khelawan    52.5    Scratched
-55    2    Release D Beast    D Mosca/F Manrrique    54.5    Respected
755    3    Big Profit    S Khan/R Jadoo    50.5    In tough
-92    4    Cafe’s Marque    D Mosca/J Samuel    57    Improving
--0    5    Dream Marshall    H Chadee/W Galviz    57    On upgrade
33D    6    Hannah’s Champion    R A Dube/N Abrego    52.5    In tough
---    7    Monica Do Do    J Mosca/K Jadoo    52.5    Debut
-77    8    Wise Decision    Dr A Griffith/K Khelawan    52.5    Needs more
885    9    Something Black    R A Dube/S Rodrigo    52.5    Speedy
866    10    Zorro    J Mosca/D Butcher    54.5    Must improve
---    11    Princess Zara    D Ojar/D Khelawan    52.5    Debut
--2    12    Brash N Willing    M Carew Jnr/E Ramsammy    52.5    One to beat
073    13    Atlantica    J O’Brien/B Boodramsing    50.5    Chance
--0    14    Convoy    D Bennett/C Jadoo    57    Must improve
600    15    Ramgalba    E Miller/D Gopie    52.5    Nothing yet
-42    16    Galadriel    JW-Samaroo/R Hasranah    52.5    Will go close
---    17    Battle Bound    JW-Samaroo/S Samuel    54.5    Newcomer
006    18    Advantage Them    K DeFreitas/N Flavenney    49.5    No form
800    19    Big Red    R A Dube/N Chadee    49.5    Nothing yet


R7: 3.30PM - NLCB CHAMPAGNE STAKES (GR.I) 3 YO & OVER HORSES- 1600M (Turf) - $150,000 
216    1    Silverleo    J O’Brien/E Ramsammy    56.5    Must improve
142    2    No Just Cause    G Mohammed/K Balgobin    56.5    Outclassed
441    3    Nominee    K DeSilva Jr/N Abrego    56.5    In tough
163    4    Just Call Me Roger    G Mendez/W Galviz    56.5    The winner
541    5    Fly Junior    M Maharaj/P Badrie    56.5    One to catch
165    6    Lang Amour    D Ojar/J Samuel    56.5    Running on
215    7    Toro Rosso    JW-Samaroo/R Hasranah    56.5    Can surprise
226    8    Joezel    G Mendez/R Jadoo    56.5    Place shot
417    9    Mobthewarrior    S Jardim/B Boodramsing    56.5    Will go close


R8: 4.10 PM - FIND YOUR FOUR PICK 4 3 YO & OVER HORSES RATED 55-40 - 1350M - $36,400 
315    1    Classic Material    J O’Brien/K Khelawan    56    Must go close
534    2    Super Sonic    M Carew Jnr/J Samuel    54.5    Chance
296    3    Caipirinha    M Glasgow/B Boodramsing    56    In tough
515    4    Red Howler    C Roberts/D Butcher    51.5    Ready
773    5    Invictus    M Carew Jnr/K Balgobin    54.5    Speedy
080    6    Alexander    H Chadee/W Galviz    55.5    Can surprise
890    7    Private Marshall    H Gobin/K Razack    53    No form
950    8    Consideritdone    S Ferreira/D Khelawan    54.5    Little account
473    9    Lady Sage    R A Dube/L Lopez    54.5    Speedy
458    10    Best Defence    C Roberts/R Ali    50.5    In and out
221    11    Painted Buddha    I Hay/R Hernandez    55.5    Repeat
352    12    Pacman    L Alexis/N Abrego    57    Consistent
702    13    Charming Lass    J O’Brien/P Husbands    57    Running on
--1    14    Chase The Dragon    J O’Brien/E Ramsammy    56.5    One to beat
630    15    Fearghas    T Thomas/J Samuel    52.5    In tough
007    16    Northern Hills    R A Dube/S Rodrigo    54.5    Outside shot


R9: 4.50 PM - NLCB EASTER GUINEAS (GR.I R) WI BRED 3 YO-1800M - $315,000 
316    1    Afterthebooks    D Bennett/K Balgobin    56.5    Outside shot
114    2    Prince Zeshan    J O’Brien/N Abrego    56.5    One to beat
--3    3    Readyfortheroad    D Mosca/P Badrie    56.5    Can surprise
678    4    Black Pepper    G Mohammed/D Khelawan    54.5    No form
336    5    Heidi’s Tzippi    R A Dube/R Jadoo    54.5    Must improve
223    6    War Of Words    J O’Brien/P Husbands    56.5    Must go close
-11    7    Pot Of Gold    J O’Brien/E Ramsammy    56.5    Come catch me
421    8    Run Ron    H Chadee/W Galviz    56.5    Ready


931    1    Young Dinaro    J Rampersad/N Flavenney    54.5    Repeat
367    2    First Emperor    R A Dube/S Rodrigo    55.5    Outside shot
642    3    Diamond Queen    D Bennett/R Hernandez    57    Chance
031    4    Little Otis    M Maharaj/F Manrrique    54.5    Repeat
613    5    The Conqueror    M Maharaj/P Badrie    50    Respected
761    6    Rosie Dream    E Miller/R Ali    56    In tough
051    7    On My Own    R A Dube/D Butcher    52.5    Good last
934    8    Prado’s Princess    H Gobin/N Abrego    56.5    Can surprise
011    9    Unbridled Way    L Alexis/D Khelawan    55    Scratched
897    10    Renewed Dream    R A Dube/K Razack    49.5    Must improve
659    11    Glittering Gold    H Chadee/C Jadoo    57    No form
931    12    Thisisit    S Khan/J Samuel    57    Running on
123    13    The Problem Solver    Dr J Suratsingh/E Ramsammy    54    Chance
809    14    Angelica Jane    H Chadee/W Galviz    52    Running on
974    15    Unguarded Moment    J Mosca/N Patrick    54.5    No form
564    16    Mambo Lady    L Alexis/D Gopie    52    Speedy
753    17    Bird King    K DeFreitas/B Bood’sing    47    Scratched
636    18    Slip Away    M Glasgow/S Samuel    57    Scratched 



Easter Selections 


Eddie A 
Best Bet ( R8) Charming Lass
R1: Black Genius, Intact, Slipper’s Sam.
R2: Casino Host, Rest Assured, Herald Angel, Royal Banker.
R3: Settled, Actin Time, Ore De Cordoba.
R4: Prado’s Wells, Flight On Time, Zipitup, Riches Abound.
R5: Caro’s Legacy, Ramblin Rose, Burst Of Energy.
R6: Atlantica, Galadriel, Pearl Secret, Brash N’ Willing.
R7: Just Call Me Roger, Silverleo, Fly Junior.
R8: Charming Lass, Painted Buddha, Pacman, Chase The Dragon.
R9: Prince Zeshan, War Of Words, Pot Of Gold.
R10: Thisisit, The Problem Solver, Prado’s Princess, Unbridled Way. 


Dancing Brave 
Best Bet (R10) Clittering Gold
R1: Slippery Sam, Intact, El Bandido de Oro, Officer Ike
R2: Rest Assured, Hidden Agenda, Herald Angel, Champagne on Ice, Skyzim
R3: Malibu Heights, Island Star, Settled, Enigmatic
R4: Star Diamond, Prados Well, BonnieRiches,  Abound
R5: Golden Flight, Believe it or not, A Great Millennium, Burst of Energy
R6: Brash N Willing, Monica Do Do, Something Black, Zorro, Wise Decision 
R7: Lang Amour, Just call me Roger, Nominee, Silverleo
R8: Caipirinha, Lady Sage, Best Defence, Pacman, Super Sonic 
R9: War of Words, Run Ron, Pot of Gold, Prince Zeshan
R10: Glittering Gold, The Problem Solver, Little Otis, Diamond Queen, First Emperor


The Mechanic 
Best Bet (R10) The Problem Solver 
R1: Intact, Slippery Sam, Crime of Passion, Officer Ike
R2: Hidden Agenda, Rest Assured, Casino Host, Royal Banker, Chelsi Magic 
R3: Settled, Actin Time, Oro de Cordoba, Lookin at Lovely
R4: Zipitup, Bonnie, Prado’s Well, Star Diamond
R5: Ramblin Rose, Burst of Energy, Caro’s Legacy, Mambo Cat
R6: Brash N Willing, Galadriel, Café’s Marque, Convoy, Zorro 
R7: Just call me Roger, Mobthewarrior, Joezel, Silverleo
R8: Chase the Dragon, Pacman, Charming Lass, Painted Buddha, Consideritdone 
R9: Prince Zeshan, War of Words, Pot of Gold, Run Ron
R10: The Problem Solver, Prado’s Princess,  Unbridled Way, Little Otis, First Emperor 


Kelvin ‘N’ 
Best Bet (R5) Ramblin Rose 
R1: Crime of Passion, Intact, Slippery Sam
R2: Sixth Street, herald’s Angel, Sparkling Silver, Skyzim
R3: Island Star, Enigmatic, Lookin At Lovely
R4: Zipitup, Nothing Left, Added Time, Prados Well, Satya Treasure 
R5: Ramblin Rose, Caro’s Legacy, Burst of Energy, Becquerel 
R6: Galadriel, Brash N Willing, Atlantica, Release D Beast, Hannah’s Champion 
R7: Just Call Me Roger, Mobthewarrior, Fly Junior
R8: Chase The Dragon, Charming Lass, Alexander, Classic Material 
R9: Prince Zeshan, Pot Of God,War Of Words, Run Rn
R10: Thisisit, Prados Princess, Angelica Jane, Fist Emperor, Mambo Lady 


The Watcher 
Best Bet (R6) Atlantica
R1: Crime of Passion, Officer Ike, Black Genius
R2: Sparkling Silver, Herald’s Angel, Le Chaureux Dansur, Royal Banker
R3: Island Star, Enigmatic, Lookin At Lovely, Settled
R4: Added Tim, Satya Treasure, Bonnie, Riches Abound, Star Diamond 
R5: Burst of Energy, Ramblin Rose, Captive Witness, Golden Flight 
R6: Atlantica, Brash N Willing, Something Black, Cafe’s Marquee, Galadriel
R7: Just Call Me Roger, Silver Leo, Toro Rosso Mobthewarrior 
R8: Fearghas, Chase The Dragon, Invitus, Alexander, Best Defence
R9: Prince Zeshan, Readyfortheroad, War Of Words, Run Rn
R10: Prados Princess, On My Own, Diamond Queen, The Problem Solver, Little Otis.



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